Typically I work with an school/organization over a period of time because addressing issues of Racial Literacy, culture and privilege cannot be accomplished in one setting. Prior to any training I meet with the organization to hear and gain an understanding of the school culture and the areas needed for training. This also gives me an opportunity to collaborate with the team so each training is relevant.

I have developed a series of trainings that address issues of race/ethnicity, privilege and culture. Session One is designed to find out the cultural values of an organization. In Session Two participants are exposed to key terms, definitions and theories that are used in Racial Literacy. This session is important because it ensures that everyone is using the same definition. In Session Three participants explore case studies of students of color in predominately white educational environments to glean from their experiences. Session Four incorporates everything from previous trainings as well as finding strategies to address these topics at the school/organization. In this training we explore strategies that create a more welcoming environment such as how to confront someone respectfully, how people communicate differently, and how to manage and resolve conflict.

Rates vary depending on the length of the training and amount of trainings requested, please contact me for pricing information.

For more detailed information about my education and experience contact me to request a copy of my current CV.

images1Heather expertly navigated us through what could have been a tricky discussion. She kept it fun and light, without compromising content.images1

–Epiphany School participant

Heather’s approach was remarkably successful. She always tailors her approach to her audience, making sure that she chooses materials and methods that match the aims and abilities of her audience.images1

-A. Hundley, University Prep