Facilitators are a vital part of making any meeting or retreat run smoothly. Facilitators ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate, that the agenda is followed and all items are discussed. A facilitator can also allow for flexibility in the agenda because they can observe what areas need to be discussed further.

As a facilitator, I am comfortable in both large and small group settings, and discussing varying topics. Primarily my facilitation has been with organizations and schools that are addressing issues of race/ethnicity and workplace culture. As a facilitator, I create an environment where individuals are comfortable sharing their perspective while respecting the perspective of others.

Rates vary depending on the length of the meeting or retreat, if you are interested in discussing rates please contact me.

For more detailed information about my education and experience contact me to request a copy of my current CV.

Participants opened up very quickly, allowing for a more free, robust conversation.The presenter is commonsensical, insightful, and an excellent listener and facilitator.images1

–KC Superior Court participant

From the beginning Dr. Clark brought a spirit of openness, curiosity and helpfulness. Throughout our work she always struck the balance of non-judgmental pushing that we need to continue our journey to become as inclusive a school as we can. images1

-J. Joseph, Villa Academy