• How does one begin to sort out their feelings about race/ethnicity?
  • How does one talk about race/ethnicity without offending someone?
  • How does one define racial literacy, culture, race, ethnicity?
  • Race/ethnicity can be such a heated issue how does one have a productive conversation around racial matters?

So many questions surround race and culture that need to be addressed with thoughtful discussion, review, mindful consideration, and academic research. I am a consultant who looks at organizations as a unique culture and explore the cultural shifts within them that inevitably occur.

Through specifically designed, content-rich curriculum, onsite training, and constructive facilitated discussions, I provide the skills necessary for organizations to continue the dialogue on Racial Literacy, culture, and privilege. I offer structured and interactive workshops to engage matters of race/ethnicity in a supportive and reflective environment, with scholarship and rigor, and thought-provoking discussions.

As a coach/mentor I am most excited about working with individuals and organizations that are ready to confront their privilege, and implicit biases with the understanding that the only way to create a more welcoming culture is to first acknowledge our different perspectives.